About Us

Welcome, glorious creature.


This blog is written mostly by me with the help of a few long-suffering contributors. We believe in living big as often and as wholeheartedly as possible- this blog is our attempt to capture the moments in which we achieve that. You’ll get to know us all soon enough, but whenever a post is authored by Mia, well, that’s me. Hi!

Mia Farraday is a name I chose to represent my very best self, but really she’s everyone’s alter ego; the person in the driver’s seat of everyone’s bravest, funniest, silliest and most adventurous moments.

None of us on this revolving sphere are just one thing, so we don’t bother writing for a specific target audience. This site is for everyone who likes a bit of frivolity with their coffees in the morning, everyone who believes life is a puzzle we’re meant to enjoy solving, everyone who appreciates beauty, everyone who searches out the light and the dark, everyone who believes in more than one truth. Our target audience, therefore, is you.


We hope you leave here feeling a little lighter, a little braver and little more ready to live in your reality, enlivened.