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The Friday Fun: 3 June 2016

What is life without anticipation? A constant bob on a calm sea, so inured to ebb and flow that even a diving dolphin or a glittering rainbow seems like just another thing. We need the ups and downs, the nods and shakes, the grunts and groans of the week, if only so we can truly bask in the joy that is a weekend. What would Saturday mean without Monday? It would be just another day, after another day and we’d all be beige.

So, my colour-sergeants, prepare to glow because today is Friday, and here are few things to help you get into it.


1. This not new but so pure-Friday of a Coldplay song , Adventure of a Lifetime. I don’t know what Mr ex-Gwyneth Paltrow was thinking calling that other dirge-like song with Beyonce Hymn for A Weekend . He definitely got his titles mixed up as that one is okay but this song is a praise-and-worship masterpiece for a sunny Friday afternoon, a boozy Saturday, a lazy  Sunday and all the times inbetween. Play it now, then again on your drive home, and again as you’re getting dressed to hit the town tonight then come back and tell me how much joy you felt.


2. This great article by Alexi Duggan Out of the fryer and into the fire: my fish and chip hell in the Guardian. In an earlier article, Duggan had (unwisely) slated the British national food in 600 words literally deep-fried in hatred. He was thereafter sentenced to death by scathing internet comments. He took it all in good form and went to work in a chippy to see what all the fuss was about, then wrote about it in this funny piece made occasionally excellent by turns of phrase such as this:

The chips were chips. The haddock, though, is a delight – as tender as an Adele song.


3. Some more music, in the form of Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody because it is, literally, one of the Top 10 songs ever made, and it powered me to a PB in my run this morning and most importantly because I think it contains some very useful lessons, romance wise. She literally gives you instructions:

“First you put your arms around me, then you put your charms around me”- Listen and learn, heart-seekers.


4. This truly perfect poem by my newest literary girl crush, Kate Tempest, called from Brand New Ancients. How much do I love it? SO much that I’ve sort of already learned it by heart. Read the whole thing, I beg you, but here’s a little excerpt to whet your appetite.

We are still Godly,
that’s what’s made us so monstrous.
It just feels like we’ve forgotten
that we’re much more
than the sum of the things that belong to us.

Every single person has a purpose in them burning.
Look again.
Allow yourself to see them.

Millions of characters
Each with their own epic narratives
Singing, ‘it’s hard to be an angel
Until you’ve been a demon’.

We are perfect because of our imperfections,
We must stay hopeful,
We must be patient;

When they excavate the modern day
They’ll find us,
The Brand New Ancients.


5. Lastly but never leastly, this amazing Beef Carrot Stew recipe by the eternally reliable Afrolems. For those of you not in Nigeria or otherwise unaware, Nigeria’s been hit by a massive tomato shortage. In my house, we now use tinned tomatoes for stew and hoard our fresh ones for salads. This recipe is easy and works– I tried it, and I’m a fan. Get involved.


This week’s featured image*is of a red-billed toucan, culled from the Atlantic’s gorgeous archive of the best photos from around the world. We are so awfully lucky to live on a planet so wonderfully full of beautiful creatures. #RIPHarambe!




*Manan Vatsyayana / AFP / Getty


  1. Red says

    I don’t have anything else to say because I’ve sort of gotten used to how amazing your Friday fun lists are, and now I simply enjoy it. I used to be in awe of these lists and I came gushing in the comments section, but now i just feel this joy because you’re still here, and you’re still amazing.
    I almost didn’t comment just now, and I felt that would be somehow wrong, considering how much I enjoyed it, even if I expected to enjoy it.
    So this is a thank you. And expect more of this. (but shorter, I’m so sorry this was so long. 😂😂😂😂😂)

    Liked by 1 person

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