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The Friday Fun: 8 January 2016

What a gloriously new year it is. Even more excitingly, it is, for most of us, the first end-of-a-working-week Friday of 2016 which means this is the first of many Fridays on which we will cast off our cares and dance merrily into the sun.

It’s the weekend, finger snappers, so here are a few things to help you get into it.

1.This spoof of Adele’s Hello, which perfectly captures the gym-despair being felt by many this January.


2. This excellent tune, called Saviour by my new favourite English It band, Secret Company. At only 2.5 minutes long, it is a bite-sized joy.


3. This photo set of the thinking woman’s Number 1 2016 Celebrity Crush, John Boyega, being adorably hilarious re Harrison Ford.



4. This excellent quote by Teddy Roosevelt which I think is a great mantra for 2016. mantra


5. And finally this blog post from one of my writer-crushes Jean Hannah Edelstein on becoming the kind of woman who carries her dog in a bag on a subway in New York. JHE has gone a bit quiet recently, so I’m sharing her past excellencies whilst I wait anxiously for more. An excerpt here:

Now I have a dog in a bag, people on the subway look at me as if I am a woman with a dog in a bag. Which is a woman who I am, even though I am not really that kind of woman, not on a philosophical level. Or at least that is the kind of woman who I think that I am not.


This week’s featured image is of the bar at Sexy Fish, a riotously fun new restaurant in London. I’ve been twice already when in London and recommend it. Despite being a bit spendy, it’s good eats, great cocktails and spectacularly good time. If you’re in London, pop along this weekend alternatively bookmark it for your next trip, but wherever you are this weekend, ensure you




  1. Cat on a hot tin roof says

    Dear Mia,

    I rediscovered your blog yesterday and I think you deserve a love letter. Here’s the chain of events: So I saw an email asking me to follow BN on Twitter which said you were a follower. I thought I’d look in to see if you’d made any updates. I look in and voila! Not only updates, but upgrades. See my last visit before this, was round about March 2015 – your irregularity was to blame of course ๐Ÿ˜€. I can not even remember which moniker I used to comment with.

    Anyway, last night, I made me a cuppa, nestled nicely on my sofa and had a slow read up of all (wish there were more) your posts since April last year. Uh hum, the feeling can only be compared to a post coital cigarette – and I don’t even smoke. ‘Twas good! Didn’t realise you’d moved from Abuja… Congratulations.

    A few comments – what’s with you not considering yourself a good writer? Puhleeze! Humble bragging right there. Next, what’s this about a team and contributors – we have not interested oh! You, your mind and your delivery are the essence of this blog. Please don’t go commercial – this is my undiscovered beach strip, please don’t mainstream, please. No, Pretty please. Lastly, check out the live (at relevant) recording of oceans. One word – intimacy.

    Okay, let me behave myself and go and work. Love ya.


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