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A List of Things That Happened During Christmastide That I Want To Tell You Guys About

  1. I read in a church program (we went to church 3 times) that the entire period between Christmas and like Jan 6th or something is called Christmastide and for the rest of the holiday whenever people said “Merry Christmas!” to me I replied with “And a Merry Christmastide to you!” and honestly? The fact that generally I got a sort of confused smile in return amused me way too much.
  2. My sister kept calling the new Hunger Games movie “To Kill a Mockingjay”.
  3. I made THE best butternut squash soup I have ever made, and that’s saying something, because I make it every Christmas, and it’s always a huge gastronomical success, but this time, everyone had so much they almost forgot to save room for the other courses and my dad said, seriously, “Maybe I should give you some money to open a restaurant in Abuja.” and because the way my dad shows love is generally to give you some money and because he doesn’t really know how to give a proper compliment or say thank you for things, it was a very beautiful moment for me.
  4. I got a new lust -bag. So a lust bag is not a bag filled with inappropriate ladypart feelings (although, that seems like it would be a useful thing to have for when you like a guy but you just don’t fancy him which is the soundtrack to my entire LIFE), it’s a bag that’s silly and pretty and stupidly expensive when you consider what it is, that you see and immediately have to have, which you then buy not because you wanted to, but because you had to, and which for the rest of your life  just kind of makes you happy like sunshine. My lust bag was a YSL Lulu and I stroke it every night.
  5. I fell in love with DJ Khaled, who often sits in a jacuzzi chatting bizarrely entertaining nonsense on Snapchat. I then made my dad say “We are the best!” while he was in our jacuzzi, and recorded it and put it on Snapchat. He wouldn’t say “We the best!” because it’s “bad grammar, my friend!”. This made me inordinately happy.
  6. I had dinner with one of the richest men in the world? (That’s not a question, it’s a statement of a thing that actually happened, but I’ve put a question mark after it so it wouldn’t seem obnoxious and braggy.) He was insanely humble and actually kind of awfully dressed, which was adorable.
  7. I ran further, faster, better than I ever have before, which is not objectively impressive because I am a newbie runner who runs very slowly, but if you know how lazy I have been for so many years, this is like….basically I feel as proud of myself as if I was the first woman on the moon.
  8. I saw the new Star Wars movie 4 times. I wanted to love it, and felt pressured to love it, and I did love it, so all was/is right with my world.
  9. I discovered and became repulsed by a previously unacknowledged thread of bitchiness in my soul. I don’t  like bitchy people, except in fiction, and always thought I wasn’t one, but turns out I can be not nice sometimes. I want that to not be true of me.
  10. Kind of a follow-on  from 9, I sat down to make real resolutions, which I always do, then realised that towards the latter half of the 2015 I started to sort my life out, so I didn’t have any real resolutions other than to carry on doing what I’d been doing. But also to be always kind to be people, so the whole occasional bitchiness thing would die.
  11. I went shopping with my sister, which was great, except for when I would buy things she didn’t like. She expresses dislike thusly: “Mmm, it’s very interesting.”/ “That’s so you.” / “It’s definitely very fashion forward.” / “Well, that’s definitely a look.
  12. Oh, I lied about resolutions. I did actually resolve to no longer accept mediocrity in my love life. I do this thing, quite often, where I give my time and energy to genuinely lesser beings- and this isn’t an arrogant thing to say, because my definition of ‘lesser’ isn’t about status or wealth or looks or other similarly nonsense things, it’s about a willingness to engage in the world, and learn about it, and be in it, and do things other than shit on other people- and I’m not doing that any more.
  13. I saw a raccoon in real life for the first time ever and I hate them.
  14. I realised that, contrary to the lies I tell myself and other people, I am just a shit swimmer. I used to genuinely believe that I was a perfectly serviceable swimmer hampered by a fear of not being to touch the bottom which tended to induce ocean-timidity and panic-induced muscle cramps, but the truth is, I’m just not very good at it. The breathing thing, that’s what gets me. It just feels so abnormal. My sister and I bonded over this realisation- we both started swimming lessons at age 4, and did them 3-4 times a week for literally years and years and yet. Still shit at it. We decided that we don’t care. I flailed about in the pool a lot, defiant and unshamed of my lack of skill.
  15. I got mostly money for Christmas, which was GREAT, but my favourite present was a phone call from my best friend two days before Christmas. She told me she had had the deepest, most vivid dream about my mother who told her to tell me that she’s proud of me, and that I’m too hard on myself, and that everything would be alright.
  16. I happy-cried a lot.

Share, if you fancy it, what made your Christmastide worthy in the comments. x


  1. LOL @ your swimming something. Do you do anything physical or sporty apart from swimming (attempting to) and running? My thinking is that you could try as many sports things as possible and stumble on the one that you’re good at. Seems like excelling at something physical could do you a lot of good, feeling wise.


    • The reason I’m so into running is that it’s a sports thing one can get better at in a very reliable and straightforward way- so I’m looking forward to doing my first marathon next year at which point I’ll be insufferably smug and write endless blogs about it, so get excited. I’m totally okay with not excelling at swimming or any other sports because I’m a firm believer in not all keys having to fit in the same lock.


  2. Everyone needs their bitchy side just not all the time or most of time…just for when you meet those people who would make you cry were it not for your bitchy side. 😀 what made my christmastide worthy was that we went to the village for Christmas and I thought it was going to be sad because my Dad’s grave and all the memories but I just cried on arrival and I felt very happy throughout. Like I have made peace…sort of. Happy New year!!

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    • That’s lovely!-My mother is buried in our village to, and you know, I think it’s a good thing. I used to be cross about it- so far away, can’t visit regularly- but the truth is having it there has in my view done a great deal to push us all into the ‘just getting on with life’ phase of grief which is so necessary. Now our trips are like yours- a visit, a cry, then peace. Happy New Year to you too!


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  4. loved this!

    My christmastide (lol this word is funny) was lovely because I got to spend time with my brother and his family. His home feels like my vacation spot, I always leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on my real life. I love them so much. Also, my niece started saying a few words and throwing mini tantrums and it was a delight to watch.

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