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The Friday Fun: 4 December 2015

This is it guys. The beginning of the end (of the year). The slow march towards death (of 2015). The gentle decline, the persistent ache of goodbye, the deep still knowledge that all that was, shall no longer be (in terms of dates). The glittering spectacle that is Christmas is all that stands between us and 2016….and I am, frankly, vibrating with excitement.

In December, every day is a present. In December, every morning is one sunrise closer to Christmas. In December, all sins are forgiven and all old loves are made new. In December, every day is a winding road and we get a little bit closer to feeling fine.

So, mistletoe-twiners, today’s edition of the Friday Fun is extra special, because this is the first Friday of the first weekend in December so here’s a whole host of things to help you get into it.

1. This mega oldie but utter classic, because I alluded to it in the intro and because Sheryl Crow is, and ever shall be, because some of you need this song in your lives and because it is literally the perfect song to close out the year, full of introspection and thoughtfulness and a happy dose of hope. It was nominated for a Grammy the year my mother died, and whilst this is no more than a fact without any cosmic meaning, I felt like I ought to share it, and this song, with you.

2.These two ‘Best Books of 2015’ lists from the FT and the New York Times. You will see that Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book is on both, and that should be all you need to prompt you to go read it if you haven’t yet. This is not strictly a fun book, nor are these lists strictly fun lists, but they’ve got books on them so….The FT list is a bit broader, the NYT List is more unrelentingly literary/non-fiction- both are worth a look in.

3. This Beiber video. Listen, what can I say? 2015 was the year that Beibs staged a comeback that not only won him his old fans back, but won him a whole host of new ones too. There’s not a single song on Purpose I don’t enjoy, and even though this video is pretty ridiculous, and v v long  the music is…well, it’s good, you know? I’m shrugging at you in a very French way as I type this.

4. This clip of the She of Shes doing Hello with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots. I know, I know. Is she now Queen of Everything? Yes.

5. This article about a genius hairdresser who lets his clients book treatments in a ‘quiet chair’- basically you can get your hair done without having to talk to your hair stylist. What bliss! I absolutely hate talking to hair people, taxi drivers, manicurists/pedicurists basically anyone doing me a (very kind, I am grateful I promise) service. Small talk is the devil’s glitter. This guy is a hero.

….which is why Miller has just launched a “quiet chair” facility. As of last weekend, his clients can request the quiet chair at the time of booking, or click the quiet symbol on the website, and enjoy a haircut free of small talk. There is no limit to the number of quiet chairs. If every chair is booked as quiet, Bauhaus will be a very quiet salon. Even the music can be turned down at each cutting station

Let’s focus for a second on this: a very quiet salon? God. I am positively seduced.

6. Finally, the Fortnum & Mason Imperial Hamper, which only costs GBP5000. Yes, you heard me. GBP5000. Five thousand Great British Pounds. That’s it. Not a lot, right? Chicken change. Pennies, really.  I mean who doesn’t have 5 grand hanging around, just begging to be spent on piccallili and Stilton? Who amongst us has not yearned to hug a wicker basket full of crackers and ham to our chests, and found that the equivalent of N1.5million (that is one million five hundred thousand naira only) was a small price to pay for such joy? Look upon the Imperial Hamper and wonder…


Today’s featured image is of a gorgeously abstract Christmas tree in Byblos, Lebanon. Christmas is coming, motherlovers, but until then




  1. You almost managed to make christmas seem really great. Almost. And I would love anything just on your say so, but not this one. The harmattan is already drying out my soul as it is.

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    • Christmas is literally the best! For soul-dryness you need: 1x jug of mulled wine, take as needed, 2-3 heavy cream cakes, 4-6 boxes of chocolates / 12 advent calendars, 1 large tub of coconut oil and shea butter (apply liberally all over), and 1 large pot of Earl Grey brewed and enjoyed in the pre-dawn fog.


  2. Afoma says

    That purpose video is so cringe it almost ruined the song for me. What were the girls doinggggg?? What was the purpose of their presence? Great post as always!


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