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The Friday Fun: November 13th 2015

We are very sorry to have been away from you, our dear hearts, for so long but our feelings of sorry are being completely overwhelmed by our feelings of woohoo because we are, as you can see, BACK.

We are here, and so are you, and most importantly, SO IS THE WEEKEND.  Here are a few things to help you get into it.

1.This vine of the bizarrely and inexplicably delightful Corduroy Cat. Why is it made from corduroy? Don’t worry about it. What even is that song playing in the background? Scientists are certain it’s good for you, so the details are irrelevant. All you need to know is that this cat is happy, and watching it will make you happy, let’s all be happy like this cat.

2. These two amazing but deeply unsettling short stories (it’s Friday the 13th!) which are perfect reading material for Sunday morning alternatively that odd, empty hour on Saturday afternoon during which you know you ought to be doing something fun and cool but you’ve got nothing on- Who Will Greet You At Home by the brilliant Lesley Nneka Arimah and also Blue Monday by Laurie Penny.

Here’s an excerpt from Blue Monday:

Honestly, it astonishes me what girls let cats get away with. If I had ever acted like Pocket—shouting at Jackie to make me exactly the food I like every hour on the hour, tearing up her favorite things, passive-aggressively ignoring her when she’s five minutes late coming home from work—her friends would have told her to get the hell out of the relationship. Come to think of it, they probably told her that anyway.

Jackie always wanted me to open up. I said why, when we could be watching TV and eating toast, or maybe I could be going down on you like a puppy on a piece of meat. She never did drop it. I hate talking about feelings because then people expect you to have feelings on cue.

3. This music video, from Queen of the 90s Missy Elliot, who has returned to us in this hour of our need with Where They From (WTF) featuring Pharell ‘Dorian Gray’ Williams. It’s Pure Missy i.e.  fun without being too silly, a beat so far away from what everyone else is doing it hits you in the face like a slap, a video that makes you want to learn every move in it (watch out for Nigerian export, the shoki at 2:30) and lyrics that take at least 3 listens to decipher. Wise move having Pharrell appear in puppet form, the man’s non-aging is becoming too suspicious.

4. TheTrunk handbag, in varying sizes/materials from Marni, because they’re so achingly chic and happily understated that I know they’re meant to be mine. I’m kind enough to share this with you because I really can’t afford one right now anyway because I’m just nice like that, so look, drool, obtain, to your heart’s content.

trunk beige trunk nude trunk python

*images from here, here and here.

5. Finally this interview of PG Wodehouse in the ParisReview, because the entire thing is a gem but the excerpt below is particularly delightful. I want to write a novel called “Fortunately, we didn’t.” (many thanks to the glorious @bimadew for bringing this into my world.)


Have any other writers ever been envious of you?


Well, I always thought A. A. Milne was rather. We were supposed to be quite good friends, but, you know, in a sort of way I think he was a pretty jealous chap. I think he was probably jealous of all other writers. But I loved his stuff. That’s one thing I’m very grateful for: I don’t have to like an awful person to like his stuff. I like Somerset Maugham’s stuff tremendously, for example, but I should think he was unhappy all the time, wouldn’t you? He was an unpleasant man.


Was he unpleasant to you?


No. He was all right to me. We got along on just sort of “how do you do” terms. I remember walking back from a cricket match at Lords in London, and Maugham came along on the other side. He looked at me and I looked at him, and we were thinking the same thing: Oh, my God, shall we have to stop and talk? Fortunately, we didn’t.

This week’s featured image is some fan art of Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey). I chose it because disappointing finale aside, Downton has been a glorious TV show I’m going to miss now it’s over and if there’s anything I learned from Downton, it’s that a perfectly arched eyebrow is often a women’s best weapon.



  1. Afoma says

    That trunk handbag is so yass. And I loved the Pharrell puppet!! Still wish I caught a glimpse of the actual Pharrell though.

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