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Two Exes Run Into Each Other At The Gym

“Oh my God, hi!”

“Goodness, you startled me.”

“Gosh, hi! Hi. So nice to see you. You look great.”

“Hang on, let me just- yeah, sorry, I’ll call you back-Hi.”

“Sorry, were you on the phone?”

“It’s fine. I’ll call back.”

“It’s been ages though- such a long time.”

“Sure, sure.’’

“Three years, three and a half actually at the end of this month.’’

“Three and a half years at the end of this month?’’

“Or something like that.’’


“I heard, I mean, you’re married right? That’s crazy!’’

“Is it?”

“No kids yet though, right? That would be insane!’’

“Two, actually.’’

“That’s hilarious!’’


“Oh, you’re serious?’’

“I have two children.’’

“Oh, that’s great, that’s so great. But two?! That’s a lot…’’

“Two isn’t that many…’’

“And, they’re both, I mean you guys all live here?’’

“In Lagos? Yeah we do.’’

“I mean, you all live, like, do you live with your husband?’’

“….yes. Me, and my children and my husband. We all live together, like a normal family. Listen, I-”

“That’s great. I’m happy for you. Really, so so happy. That’s so great. Why don’t we-’’

“Sorry, I’m in such a rush, I should really-”

“Just type it in here.’’

”I don’t think that’s such a good-”

“It’s just your number, it’s not like I want your address or anything! I’m not going to stalk you or anything! Hahaha.’’

“Yeah, okay, I’m going to go, and I have to, I have to return this call, so it was great to see you-”

“What about your BBM?’’

“-and I hope you’re all good-”

“Are you on Whatsapp?”




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