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Food Glorious: A List of Things I Ate Yesterday In Chronological Order

– one large cup of coffee, brewed dark and strong, then sweetened until it was as smooth and creamy as an inner thigh.

– a second cup of coffee, closer in tone to the sun-burnished face of a Namibian fashion model.

– a scone, fluffier than a cloud, slathered in butter, which tasted of baby laughter and a slow sunrise.

– One large green juice, the colour of life and American money, that sent nutrients speeding through my veins like streams flowing into the sea.

-A tupperware bowl of sweet boiled potato and a prawn and tomato stew, handmade with care by my colleague: every bite tasted like friendship and unhurried truths.

-An enormous slice of birthday cake- salted caramel, from Salt Lagos– because I deserved it and it had earned my respect.

-One slice of Debonairs triple decker pizza- three layers of a deliciously bad decision. I felt recklesss and free as I threw each bite down my gullet; like a dolphin frolicking along the waves of irresponsibility.

-Finally, a cup of green tea;pale, thin and unsweetened, emitting only the faintest aroma of pomegranate, to remind me of who I am and what my scale tells me. It smelled like no regrets, and tasted like renewed determination. Tomorrow, the diet begins again.

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  1. Afoma says

    Your language is gorgeous, Mia. Everything you write is so thrilling. I can’t wait to read more of your writing!

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  2. How I love to savour your words always on here, just to have a taste of your brilliant mind. Your writing is delicious; you write so well, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh goodness, this was so lovely to read. i love how you have taken something as simple as food and made it so thrilling and fun!


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