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The Friday Fun: 4 September 2015

We are now officially in the tail-end of the year, guys- aka the “Ember” months, when the flames of 2015 begin their slow decline. We are also witnessing the dying throes of summer; our beloved sun is tiring, flights are getting cheaper, tans are fading and you’re allowing yourself dessert because you’ve already shown off your summer body. It’s almost over, which is unutterably sad, but don’t despair as we’re not quite there yet.

There are still summer frolics to be had, flings to find, memories to create and cocktails to consume.

As everything begins to wind down, I wish you one last hurrah, one more reckless night of sweat and shimmering bodies, one more drive up to the lake house, one more beach day, and one more summer kiss.

It’s the weekend, sun lovers, and here are a few things to help you get into it.

1.This ultimate song of the summer, Walk The Moon’s Shut Up And Dance

2. This great photo of Rihanna, taken for Dior Mag, because she is essentially the mascot for a cracking good time, and I like to think we can all learn something from her re grace when falling off a chair.

3. This heartwarming little social experiment video, on success and perception, to remind you all that you’re much more awesome than you think you are.

4. Finally this photo of a snippet of my summer, of the sun setting prettily, in a pretty place, in the hopes you’ve all had similarly lovely moments this season.

This week’s featured image is also Rihanna for reasons already stated. Now,


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