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The Friday Fun: 29 Aug 2015

The Friday Fun is coming to you a bit late and light this week, dear ones, as our team are having aggressively good holidays in these last few days of summer. Allow us to drop our apologies into your hearts like perfectly formed ice cubes into a delicious cocktail. 

Besides, (not to make excuses) the Friday Fun is a feeling, a movement, a soul-condition, applicable in truth to any day of the week. Life should be a collection of #FridayFuns, a bouquet of joyful sips, a canvas liberally speckled with splatters of satisfaction. 

The weekend is happening right now, chuckle bunnies; here are a literally a couple things to  help you continue to enjoy it…

1. This  genius little Venn diagram, to help you figure out how best to spend your entire life, not just your weekend. 

2. These great excerpts from Neil Gaiman’s The Sleeper and The Spindle, a quick delight of a book that you should absolutely buy, read, and re read. 

This week’s featured image is one my own, of a very small snippet of my Friday evening. We can’t wait to bombard you with all our excellent post-holiday pieces next week but for now


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