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Hi guys,

I’m not a great writer. Most of the time, I’m not even certain that I’m any good. I make far too many typos, and I always seem to read things out there that put my own humble scribblings to shame. My first blog was also woefully inconsistent and, more often than not, struck the wrong note with the very people I was hoping to connect with.

All of this is to illustrate how imperfect and undeserving I am of all the support and kindness I get from all of you. Thank you for sticking with me, despite my long absences. Thank you for the emails and messages prompting me to get back into blogging. Thank you for embracing this new site with such warmth and enthusiasm, for sharing it with your friends. Thank you, most of all, for being a such an excellent bunch of people.

The new miafarradaily.com is meant to be more magazine than personal blog. We’re still new, but I hope we’ve started to build a ‘feel’ and a ‘community’ here, and I can’t wait to see how much further we can go. I’m always keen to hear how we can improve, so comment below with feedback, or send an email in, and let us know what we’re doing well, what we’re doing really badly and what we’re not doing at all.

What we also need, and this is KEY,  is more contributions from you guys. So far, we’ve been so lucky with what the excellent pieces we’ve been able to publish, but we know there is a great deal more talent out there and we want to help showcase it. I’ve been asked, repeatedly, for guidelines about submissions so here they are:

  1. Categories: There are 5 main ones. ‘Off With Their Heads’ for rants, humorous or serious; ‘Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards’ for reviews of anything and everything; ‘A Lifetime of Adventures’ for travel journals, entertaining diaries, slices-of-my-life type of pieces; ‘A Bit of Pretty’ for short stories, poetry and photography and ‘Uncommon Nonsense’ for everything else (usually something funny or irreverent).
  2. Word Count: Nothing over 2000 unless it’s a Long Read, and if it’s the latter, it had better be great.
  3. Original Content: We won’t accept anything you’ve posted on another blog before, even if it’s your personal blog. Sorry.
  4. Authors: We’re good (obviously) with you being/remaining anonymous! Just do try and make a wordpress.com account so your readers can know a little bit more about you.
  5. Quality: We’re all growing here, and this is a safe place for that, but our primary focus is to only publish stuff that’s, well, good. I can’t be clearer than that. If you’re not sure about your stuff, send it in anyway, and we will give you honest feedback on it and, where appropriate, try and work with you to improve it.
  6. Where, and How: Email your submission to miafarraday@gmail.com. I will read it, and let you know if it will work for the blog. If yes, you’ll get instructions from me, or someone else on the team, on how to join the blog as a contributor.
  7. Money: Unfortunately, we are too small to pay anyone right now but we assure you, the second we can pay, we absolutely will.

Two final things:

We will, eventually, get to a place where we are posting new content every weekday. I know it’s a bit haphazard now, but I promise we’re almost there! Related: If you want to help us out or join the team, send an email to miafarraday@gmail.com please!

The last thing I wanted to mention was comments. I get a lot of emails about certain pieces, (which are lovely, keep them coming!) and I always respond asking “Why didn’t you comment on the blog?” The usual answer I get is that there is something intimidating about leaving comments here.

Guys, no. This is a safe place- we don’t tolerate anyone being rude or unkind, so don’t be intimidated. While I’m delighted you trust me enough to email me things that are private or personal,  I do hope you’ll also leave a comment, as it’s our deepest desire to build a fun community of people who enjoy frivolity, quality, and reality, enlivened.

Lots of love,



  1. I LOVE THIS BLOG and I loved it since the beginning. im so happy you’re back blogging again .

    It’s true about the comments though- when the writing is too good, you don’t want to leave a bad comment!!!! Also the topics aren’t things I always want to comment on- you don’t ask questions or seek opinions and so I usually just read and think “ooohhhhh” then go on my merry way.

    Welcome back, you’re a big part of my day.

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  2. I had a teacher once who used to say “There’s no such thing as a stupid question, unless you’re actually stupid” so going to paraphrase him and say “There’s no such thing as a bad comment, unless you’re actually a bad person”, which I’m sure you’re not. Thanks for sticking with me, and I’m absolutely going to seeking more ‘audience participation’. xx

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