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The Friday Fun: 24 July 2015

Has it been a long week? Have you felt as if time was moving slower than a mudslide, taunting you with day after day of memos and meetings? Have you found yourself feeling just as tired upon waking as you did upon going to bed? Have you felt yourself spread too thin to take any real pleasure in existing, like too little butter on too much bread?

If you’ve experienced, or are currently experiencing, any of the above, what you need is a solid, uncompromising weekend. Lucky for you, road-travellers, the weekend is waiting to comfort and restore you. Here are a few things to help you get into it.

1. This oldie but goodie from Feist- My Moon, My Man- because it’s just perfect, isn’t it?

2. This Abuja-set love story from our own files this week, Bamboo, to push whoever needs it to follow not just their hearts, but their heads too.

I recall standing on a balcony with him, shivering on a sleety November evening, laughing at the way my boyfriend and his girlfriend were not getting on at all inside. He had helped me shield my cigarette from the wind and stayed patiently chatting with me while I smoked slower than him. We’d gone back inside to our significant others and I’d realised I’d been warmer outside in the cold with him that I was curled up on the lap of my earnest boyfriend. I don’t think of this now though, I am too busy studying the way his voice changes when he is speaking to the suya seller and the wine merchant, the way he softens his public-school bought accent and tosses in Nigerianisms like ‘ehen’ and ‘abeg’. He calls them all ‘bros’ and they respond to his charm, making sure we have the juiciest bits of meat and polishing up the wine bottle before handing it over. The windows are down and having won the battle for his iPod, we are listening to Adele as we speed down the highway towards Maitama. I laugh suddenly, so full of the moment, carefree and complete.

3. This photo of Adele, because #hairgoals.


4. Finally, this amazing remake of Beyonce’s 7-11 video because #hairgoals, #coordinationgoals, #twerkinggoals, #squadgoals and also #kneehighsocksgoals.

This week’s featured image is Bill Nighy. He only ever wears blue suits because he realised one day that they looked really good on him (they really do, Bill) and decided to never bother wearing anything else ever again.  I saw him once having tea at the Grosvenor and only the grace of God kept me from kneeling in front of him and laying my head on his navy-suited knee, like an adoring dog. If ever there was a man to take you sauvely into the weekend, it’s Bill Nighy.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Today is the birthday of one of our contributors, alfalfa30. Wish her a good one in the comments section, will you? Once you’re done-



  1. alfalfa30 says

    Thank you so much!! Thanks Mia. I had such an amazing birthday and I’m so glad it fell on on a Friday this year because I advertising look forward to “Friday Fun” all wsleek and it was the last thing I read at the end of an awesome day.

    Liked by 1 person

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