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The Friday Fun: 17 July 2015

The silent sadness of early mornings, desk-bound boredom, and exhausted journeys home may linger for a little while, but the irreplaceable memories of a well spent weekend last a lifetime; for weeping may last through the working week but we’re here to remind you that joy, and the Fun, cometh on a Friday.

It’s the weekend dear hearts, here are a few things to help you get into it.

1. Firstly, the superbly cast Suicide Squad trailer, featuring the ever-lickable Will Smith as Deadshot and Viola Davis bringing her personal brand of regal dignity to the dubious Amanda Waller. Extra happy points come from the soundtrack to this – a wispy, gorgeous cover of  The Bee Gees I Started A Joke.

2. Another trailer, you lucky dogs- this time in the form of the slightly joyless but suitably epic-looking Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Somehow, Zac Snyder has a magical ability to leach all the joy out of superheroes, leaving only angst behind, but you can’t deny his trailers always make you want to go to the movies. Also, Ben Affleck as Batman is not, as feared, THE WORST, plus we get a good glimpse at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

3. YET ANOTHER TRAILER- listen, it was Comic-Con last week so…- in the form of the R-rated Deadpool starring Mr Blake Lively himself, Ryan Reynolds. Sorry it’s an obvious dub, but it looks to be equal parts funny and gory so, we are here for it!

4. This photo of Ciara, because if you were wondering whether or not to cut your hair, the answer is ONLY IF YOU CAN GET IT TO LOOK LIKE THIS. (Not really, but honestly, are people even allowed to look this great? We’ll investigate.)


5. This poem by Richard Howard called Crepuscular (meaning relating to or resembling twilight.) Twilight is one of the most beautiful transitions in nature- the world reminds you of its enduring and mysterious duality, the sky looks like a painting, the lighting is perfect for sultry selfies. Amazing then, that English gives us  ‘crepuscular’ to describe it.


6. Finally, this compilation of a gurgle of  babies losing their shit when they discover their own shadows.

Our featured image this week is of trail blazer ballerina extraordinaire, Misty Copeland.

Why? Why the hell not?!


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