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The Friday Fun: 26 June 2015

Thank the stars it’s Friday
I’m burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
Guess I won’t be coming to church on Sunday
I’ll be waiting for love, waiting for loveAvicii x Waiting for Love

The weekend- have you longed for it like the first sip of your favourite drink? Like the first stroke of the sun on your holiday-starved skin? Like the first nuzzle in the neck of your beloved after too long apart? Like the first view of your emerging, nascent abs after 11 weeks of a rigorous exercise program? Well it’s here, soul-bearers. It’s here.

Here are few things to help you get into it.

1. This increasingly addictive song by Avicii called Waiting For Love. Released in May of this year, it sounds a lot like peak Coldplay + the usual Avicii goodness + a lovely days-of-the-week inspired hook. (Honestly, there’s a whole post waiting to be written on why human adults who are presumably very familiar with the days of the week almost always respond joyfully to songs that list all them all. Consider: Craig David’s 7 Days, Mary J Blige’s 7 Days….)

2. This photo of Mrs Obama with the Camerons. It’s obvious the Camerons are trying desperately to hide their abject adoration/worship of Mrs O, but they haven’t succeeded- they just love her too much- and Mrs O is aware of this, and she finds it a bit cloying and annoying, but she is ever the lady so rather than making a big deal about it, she is instead being humbly, totally, chill and accepting of their adoration whilst effortlessly maintaining impeccable hair.

Shout out also to Mrs. Cameron’s top.

3. This piece on the most Metal Deaths in the Lord of The Rings from my favourite website to ever website- to remind you all to live and die and live again like Gandalf (or just to have a really good weekend guys we are not advocating a Saturday night battle with a Balrog, safety first.)

3.) Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf the Grey, like Glorfindel, wrestled a Balrog into an abyss. What makes Gandalf even more metal than Glorfindel is that Gandalf did not stop there. After grappling the demon down a seemingly bottomless pit, Gandalf fought the demon in a subterranean lake, through a lightless labyrinth populated by unspeakable monsters, up the tallest staircase ever, and finally on a mountain peak. Gandalf died after he, “Threw down my enemy… and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin,” which is the most metal line in the entire trilogy, and possibly all of English literature. Gandalf’s death was so metal he came back to life a different fucking color.

4. These photos of famous dads and daughters, because it was Father’s Day last weekend and I’m still in my feelings about that. Can we take a moment to applaud the perfection of Willow Smith’s mohawk? Now, consider how stressful Harper Beckham’s life is going to be when she hits adolescence and all her friends fall in love with her dad. Finally, let us all appreciate how delightful it is that neither Will Smith or David Beckham will ever age? Lots of things to parse in these photos, guys.

willwillow                  beckham

5. This amazingly fun fact on the origin of Teddy Bears, gleaned from this piece by Scott Meslow in The Week.

The origin of the Teddy Bear is generally traced to 1902, when President Roosevelt refused to kill a black bear that had been clubbed and tied up. The story inspired a series of bear-themed political cartoons by Clifford Berryman. Those cartoons, in turn, inspired Brooklyn candy shop owner Morris Michtom to sell a couple of stuffed bears made by his wife as “Teddy’s bears” — kicking off a craze so massive and long-lasting that the Teddy Bear gradually became divorced from its namesake as it transcended decades and international boundaries.


Finally our featured image is, again, of Will Smith and his family because the man is beautiful, Jada never ages, Willow’s teenage-girl-face is perfect and I have intense feelings about Trey Smith I am prepared to discuss with like-minded individuals in private. Is melanin not skin-magic? The answer is yes.



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    • Can you imagine living with that constant level of slayage? It’s a wonder the President can manage to concentrate on world affairs at all.


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