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The Friday Fun: June 6th 2015

When was the last time you looked convention and responsibility in the eye and said ‘fuck it’? When was the last time you sent your soul to dance upon the wind without fear or inhibition? When was the last time you soared?

Unfetter yourself from the petty shackles of respectability and weekdays for today is Friday, Monday is too far away to count and the weekend is calling your name .

Here are some things to help you get into it:

1. This ridiculously great little cover by Kelly Clarkson of Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money. Why are unexpected covers always so great? I don’t know. But they always are.

2. This insanely horrifically awesome short story called Annie and the Wolves (a sort of massively screwed up Red Riding Hood tale) by Jenn Lyons. It’s gut-punch good.

3. This enlivening piece on The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, by Mark Manson, a self described ‘life enthusiast’. We here at miafarradaily.com are automatically predisposed to like anyone who describes themselves as such. Read the piece and decide for yourself, but here’s an excerpt:

Indeed, the ability to reserve our fucks for only the most fuckworthy of situations would surely make life a hell of a lot easier. Failure would be less terrifying. Rejection less painful. Unpleasant necessities more pleasant and the unsavory shit sandwiches a little bit more savory. I mean, if we could only give a few less fucks, or a few more consciously-directed fucks, then life would feel pretty fucking easy.

4. This outstanding photo from the recent almost-coup in Bujumbura. Will there ever be a time in which two little boys walking arm in arm fails to lift the heart? We really hope not.


Finally, today’s featured image¬† was taken by yours truly on a recent holiday to one of the oldest cities in the world with a bunch of my best friends. Yes, it was as lovely as you’d expect; yes, I drank too much and ate too much and slept too little; and yes, the cherries were just as juicy as they look. All of which is to say: Go get your weekends, humans!

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